Charanga International is a living cloud-based resource that brings together great music, modern pedagogy and the latest educational technology. It provides in-depth support for many aspects of music teaching and learning in and out of school and its exciting digital presentation and attractive content help to engage children and young people in a very contemporary way.

At the British School of Guangzhou we use Charanga International to support our PIMs programme for children in their first year or so of learning. Its a valuable resource we use everyday and it helps us to deliver the new music curriculum in an exciting and engaging way. Our teachers love it too:

"Students love to learn pieces because it’s fun and ‘cool!’. The backing tracks provide a fuller sound for students to play along. There are a great number of varied activities for teachers to use in the lesson."

Helen Cheng, Flute Teacher at the British School of Guangzhou

"I feel that new program for new PIMs curriculum is very good indeed. Students like it and I like it too. All students will have a strong sense of pitches/phrases/expression before they play instruments. Also it helps to developed a range of music vocabulary, so they can help themselves to express their feeling about the music they are learning."

LeQuan Tuan, Trumpet Teacher at the British School of Guangzhou