Wider Opportunities



The Primary Instrumental Music Scheme (PIMs), is designed to give all primary children at the British School of Guangzhou the chance to play an instrument as an integral part of the UK National Curriculum for music. Formed as part of the National Plan for Music Education (2011), it is sometimes referred to as First Access or Wider Opportunities provision.

Our programme runs throughout the Primary school and covers recorder, violin, trombone, cello and trumpet. Each year group has been provided with a class set of instruments, which stays in school and are used for these PIMs classes.



  • Pupils from a whole year group learn music through singing, musical games and learning to play an instrument taught by specialist instrumental teachers working alongside school teachers. In some cases the children learn as a whole class, in others they may learn in large groups.
  • Every child gets the chance to have firsthand experience of live music, group singing, ensemble playing, composing or improvising and performance.
  • Children gain a real insight into the world of music, working with a professional musician, and for some this may be the start of a life-long hobby. They learn that it can be fun, that it requires time and effort, discipline and team-work, and that, as well as being rewarding in itself, it can give pleasure to others.
  • A wide range of instruments are currently used in different schools, for example instruments from the string, brass and woodwind families as well as African drums, ukulele and guitar.

    Performance Opportunities

    Performance is a natural outcome for a PIMs programme when the music and learning that has taken place can be celebrated. All children should be given the opportunity to take part. Performances may take several forms:-

    • an assembly/ class concert
    • part of a school concert
    • part of a joint schools’ celebration event
    • playing for an event such as a school fair
    • a podcast or recording a CD
    • an open lesson